Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 NEPSAC AAA Finals - Brewster Academy (New Hampshire) Vs St Thomas More School (Connecticut) [Full Game]


March 8th 2015

2015 NEPSAC AAA Finals

Brewster Academy Vs St Thomas More School

Brewster Academy Roster (Blue):
#0 Jamani Spencer
#1 Justin Simon [University of Arizona]
#2 Jalen Adams [University of Connecticut]
#3 David Crisp [University of Washington]
#4 Tyler Colon
#5 Devon Williams [University of Toronto]
#11 Kamali Chambers
#13 Joseph Sherburne [UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore County]
#21 Joseph Worku
#24 Marcus Derrickson [Georgetown University]
#25 Alex Illikainen [University of Wisconsin]
#31 Jared Reuter [University of Virginia]
#45 Donovan Mitchell [University of Louisville]

St Thomas More School Roster (White):
#1 Sean Hoehn
#3 Christian Vital
#4 CJ Bryd
#5 Ryan Peterson
#10 Sterling Taplin [University of Tulsa]
#11 EJ Crawford
#12 Ian Gardener
#14 Stephen Millhaven
#15 Tsimejei Paraliou
#22 Steven Enoch [University of Connecticut]
#23 Arkel Ager Lamar
#24 Ajou Deng
#44 Ryan Funk


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