Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Roselle Catholic High School (New Jersey) Vs Montverde Academy (Florida) [Full Game]


February 13th 2015

Roselle Catholic High School Vs Montverde Academy 

Roselle Catholic High School Roster (Green): 
#0 Nazreon Reid 
#1 Isaiah Briscoe [University of Kentucky]
#2 Omari Hurston
#3 Kameron David 
#4 Taahir Pretlow 
#5 Pierre Sarr [Monmouth University]
#10 Chris Silva [University of South Carolina]
#11 Asante Gist
#12 Louis King 
#13 Matt Bullock 
#14 RJ Franklin
#15 Aaron Clarke
#20 Robert Miller
#33 RJ Franklin 
#44 Ganlandou Cisse 

Montverde Academy Roster (Black): 
#1 Noah Dickerson [University of Florida]
#2 Martez Cameron 
#3 EJ Montgomery 
#4 Fard Muhammad 
#5 Blake Harris 
#10 Howard Washington 
#11 Marcel Pontika 
#12 Marquez Lechter Ellis [Rice University]
#15 Chris DiNonmo 
#20 Ben Simmons [LSU Louisiana State University] 
#21 Jean Marc Christ Koumadje [FSU Florida State University]
#22 Doral Moore [Wake Forest University]
#23 Maddox Daniels 
#24 Ty Graves [Boston College]
#30 Tahj Malone 
#31 Mason Daniels 
#32 Ifeanyi Umezurkie 
#33 Tyler Washington 
#44 Kevin Cham


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