Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bergen Catholic High School (New Jersey) Vs St Joseph Regional High School (New Jersey) [Full Game]


February 17th 2015

Bergen Catholic High School Vs St Joseph Regional High School 

Bergen Catholic High School Roster (White): 
#0 Pierfrancesco Oliva [St Joseph's University] 
#2 Ray Cortes 
#3 Taj Malik Benning 
#4 Justin Salem 
#5 David Logan 
#10 Riley Welch 
#11 Jack Hartigan 
#12 Neil DiSpirito 
#15 Connor Sellers 
#21 Michael Muggeo 
#22 Anthony Uribe
#23 Rhona Eseyade 
#30 Ryan Matthews 

St Joseph Regional High School Roster (Black): 
#0 Joseph Giles Harris 
#1 Nate Garvey 
#2 Patrick Doherty 
#3 Sean McKinless
#4 Chauncey Hawkins 
#5 Andrew McGuire 
#10 Tyler Piorkowski 
#12 Michael Blanco 
#13 Anthony LaRegina 
#21 John Thomas Giles Harris 
#22 Bryan Griffin 
#23 Isaac Hippolyte 
#24 Joseph Radi 
#25 Stephen Goodwin


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