Friday, January 23, 2015

St Anthony High School (New Jersey) Vs The Patrick School (New Jersey) [Full Game]


January 17th 2015

St Anthony High School Vs The Patrick School

St Anthony High School Roster (White):
#1 Juvaris Hayes
#2 Tariq Baker
#3 Jagan Mosely
#4 RJ Cole
#5 Kaleb Bishop
#11 Shyquan Gibbs
#13 Idris Joyner
#14 Myles Patten
#20 Marquis Nowell
#22 Quamain Nelson
#23 Markis McDuffie [Wichita State University]
#25 Jahlil Reynolds
#32 Maurice Mills
#33 Taurean Thompson
#34 Mohamed Bendary [NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology]

The Patrick School Roster (Black):
#0 Brandon Hampton
#1 Marcus McClary
#2 Jelani Okantey
#3 Brandt Roundtree
#4 Jamir Harris
#5 Darius Roundtree
#11 Bryce Aiken
#12 Rakym Felder
#13 Cyril Langevine
#15 Mahmoud Ghorab
#21 Bul Ajang
#23 Nicholas Richards
#25 Fatir Hines
#32 Buay Koka
#33 Samson George
#50 Danjel Morina


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