Friday, January 16, 2015

Long Island Lutheran High School (New York) Vs Thomas Jefferson High School (New York) [Full Game]

January 11th 2015 

Long Island Lutheran High School Vs Thomas Jefferson High School

Long Island Lutheran High School Roster (White): 
#1 Jordan Walker 
#2 Chris Atkinson [Monmouth University] 
#3 Losini Kamara 
#4 Chris Burkley 
#5 Elijah Bailey 
#10 Jordan Weeks
#11 Devonte Green 
#12 Justin Brown 
#13 Jose Martinez 
#14 Junior Graham 
#15 Quaron Blount 
#20 Anthony McCoy 
#21 Tariq Sadu 
#23 Marvin Prochet 
#25 Cameron Martin 
#30 Noah Goodman 
#44 Rojaye Campbell 

Thomas Jefferson High School Roster (Orange): 
#0 Rasheen Dunn 
#1 Curtis Smith 
#2 Shamorie Ponds 
#3 Jamari Lewis 
#4 Jaquan McKennon 
#5 Malachi Faison 
#10 Deante Bridgett 
#11 Akeem Adams 
#13 Isaiah Jackson 
#15 KeRome Grant 
#20 Davere Creighton 
#21 isaiah Deas 
#25 Eric Massingale 
#33 Jordon Colson 
#55 Cyon Austin


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