Friday, January 23, 2015

Linden High School (New Jersey) Vs Long Island Lutheran High School (New York) [Full Game]


January 17th 2015

Linden High School Vs Long Island Lutheran High School 

Linden High School Roster (White):
#1 Juwan Dolbrice 
#2 Joshus Carter
#3 Otis Livingston Jr
#4 Julius James
#10 Corey Ampey 
#12 Rickkeem Mixon 
#13 Tavon Jones 
#14 Joey Krempa 
#15 Khalief Crawford 
#20 Fritz Monicon 
#22 Guirveseont Guillaume 
#23 Travis Wint 
#24 Trevonne Judson 
#33 William Phelps 
#35 Quinton Dixon

Long Island Lutheran High School Roster (Black): 
#1 Jordan Walker 
#2 Chris Atkinson [Monmouth University] 
#3 Losini Kamara 
#4 Chris Burkley 
#5 Elijah Bailey 
#10 Jordan Weeks
#11 Devonte Green 
#12 Justin Brown 
#13 Jose Martinez 
#14 Junior Graham 
#15 Quaron Blount 
#20 Anthony McCoy 
#21 Tariq Sadu 
#23 Marvin Prochet 
#25 Cameron Martin 
#30 Noah Goodman 
#44 Rojaye Campbell 


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