Friday, January 16, 2015

Christ The King Regional High School (New York) Vs Benjamin Cardozo High School (New York) [Full Game]


January 11th 2015 

Christ The King Regional High School Vs Benjamin Cardozo High School

Christ The King Regional High School Roster (White): 
#2 Marcus Payne 
#3 Kamron Johnson 
#5 Ronald Jefferson 
#10 Jose Alvarado 
#11 Jared Rivers 
#15 Tyrone Cohen 
#20 Rawle Alkins 
#21 Yashawn Bright 
#22 David Cole 
#23 Tracy Cleckley 
#24 Malyk Eugene 
#30 Chris DeJean 
#33 Joe Idyahia 
#34 Ali Kashef
#44 Dren Dedushaj 

Benjamin Cardozo High School Roster (Blue): 
#1 Amir Tutt 
#2 Tarik Howard 
#3 Elijah McNeely
#4 Amorri Walters 
#5 Tareq Coburn 
#10 Ray Salnave 
#11 Aaron Walker 
#12 Armando Dunn 
#14 Tahiyr Vines 
#15 Ignas Pamparas 
#22 Malcolm Hendrick 
#23 Amiri White 
#24 Jalen Burgess 
#31 Tevin Skeete


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