Tuesday, December 23, 2014

St Anthony High School (New Jersey) Vs Life Center Academy (New Jersey) [Full Game]


December 19th 2014 

St Anthony High School Vs Life Center Academy

St Anthony High School (Roster) White:
#1 Juvaris Hayes 
#3 Jagan Mosely 
#4 RJ Cole 
#5 Kaleb Bishop 
#11 Shyquan Gibbs
#13 Idris Joyner 
#23 Markis McDuffie [Wichita State University]
#34 Mohamed Bendary [NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology]

Life Center Academy (Roster) Black: 
#1 Malik Ellison 
#2 Dennis Tunstall
#3 Buddah Mott 
#5 Nysier Brooks
#11 Traci Carter 
#13 Kayode Ibrahim
#23 Moe Williams


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