Monday, June 9, 2014

Jersey Shore Warriors (Pennsylvania) Vs Team Breakdown (Florida) [Full Game] | 2014 Hoop Group Pitt Jam Fest


April 25th 2014 

2014 Hoop Group Pitt Jam Fest 

Jersey Shore Warriors Vs Team Breakdown 

Jersey Shore Warriors Roster (White): 
#3 Jake Silpe [ Cherry Hill East High School NJ ] 
#4 Can Oztamur[ [ Cherry Hill East High School NJ ] 
#10 Cameron Jones [ Pennsbury High School PA ] 
#11 Kitt Najee Walls [ La Salle College High School PA ] 
#12 Jule Brown [ Lower Merion High School PA ] 
#13 David Krmpotich [ La Salle College High School PA ] 
#14 Devon Moore [ Hanover High School PA ] 
#15 Matthew Walsh [ Manheim Central High School PA ] 
#20 Chris Wright [ St Peter's Preparatory School NJ ] 

Team Breakdown Roster (Black): 
#24 Michael Green [ Dillard High School FL ] 
#30 Corey Mendez [ Northeast High School FL ] 
#31 CJ Williamson [ Maynard Evans High School FL ] 
#41 Johnathan Araujo [ Faith Baptist Christian School FL ] 
#42 Jonathan Laurent [ Dr Phillips High School FL ]
#44 Justin James [ St Lucie West Centennial High School FL ]
#45 Jaylin Stewart [ Amos P Godby High School FL ]
#55 Brion Sanchious [ Northeast High School FL ]


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