Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pope John XXIII Regional High School (New Jersey) Vs St Benedict's Preparatory School (New Jersey) [Full Game]


February 9th 2014 

2014 PrimeTime Shootout

Pope John XXIII Regional High School Vs St Benedict's Preparatory School

Pope John XXIII Regional High School Roster (White): 
#1 Charlie O'Connor 
#2 James Scott
#5 Tim McGabe 
#10 Justin Enemo 
#11 Jeromy Rodriguez
#15 Funot Woldnetsnai
#22 Tyler Ford
#24 Matt Dengler
#25 Mike Wildner 
#31 Matt Zignorski 
#33 Kyle Frey 
#35 Mustapha Diagne
#44 Damien Rance

St Benedict's Preparatory School Roster (Red):
#2 Gerald Blount 
#3 Edwin Cancel
#4 Eli Cain
#11 Trevon Duval 
#12 Kemar McKnight 
#13 Jonathan Williams [ VCU Virginia Commonwealth University ] 
#15 Josh Colon
#21 Lyndon Ewing
#23 Nick Washington 
#31 Arnaldo Toro
#33 Martynez Pacevicius 
#44 Domas Pavlovskas


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