Sunday, April 13, 2014

Point Pleasant Beach High School (New Jersey) Vs The Patrick School (New Jersey) [Full Game]


February 9th 2014 

2014 PrimeTime Shootout

Point Pleasant Beach High School Vs The Patrick School 

Point Pleasant Beach High School Roster (White): 
#2 Matt Vannostrand 
#3 Matt Farrell [ University of Notre Dame ]
#5 Michael Fraunheim 
#12 Tanner Smith 
#15 Chris Schifano 
#20 Michael Licchio
#21 Joe Budija
#22 Ryan Prima
#23 Chris Mangini
#24 Noah Yates 
#25 Dominique Uhl [ University of Iowa ]
#33 Ryan Sheehan 
#34 Andrew Pidduck 
#50 Christos Schwarz
#55 Jeff Bryant 

The Patrick School Roster (Black): 
#0 Danny Knight
#1 Marcus McClary
#2 Stanley Novely 
#4 Jamir Harris 
#5 Jaylen Henriquez 
#11 Bryce Aiken 
#12 Angel Delgado [ Seton Hall University ]
#13 Cyril Langevine 
#21 Bul Ajang
#24 Zaire Newell 
#25 Darius Roundtree
#33 Dupree McBrayer 
Taj Ford 
Elijah Mitchell 
Brandt Roundtree 
Kymaal Champayne


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