Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ray Salnave Of Cardozo With A Sweet Behind The Shoulder Pass vs Bayside

Sophomore Ray Salnave of Cardozo with a sweet behind the shoulder pass vs Bayside.

Trevon Duval - 14 Year Old Does Windmill Dunk Because That's What 14 Year Olds Do!

At the end of a game you usually have players who holds the ball, take a leap of faith shot, there are those that end the game with a crowd pleasing dunk. Then there is the 14 year old freshman throwing down a windmill dunk. Yup that's Trevon Duval.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Streetball In The Hood: Kavon Jones Lytch Operates On An Island In Gersh Park

A few more months and summer basketball is back in NYC. Check this throwback clip from the past summer at Gersh Park. Kavon Jones Lytch getting the crowd hyped in Brooklyn.