Monday, December 2, 2013

The Kiski School (Pennsylvania) Vs Brewster Academy (New Hampshire) [Full Game]


November 23rd 2013 

2013 National Prep Showcase (NERR)

The Kiski School Vs Brewster Academy 

The Kiski School Roster (White):
#10 Jack Fitzpatrick 
#12 Damian Persaud 
#15 Satchel Pierce [ Marquette University ]
#22 Obi Udezeh 
#23 Dante Lombardi 
#24 Harry Range 
#25 Jake Babic 
#32 Greg Bearer 
#33 Noah Brown 
#44 Hunter Shelton 
#45 Michael Poirier 
#50 Justin Pearce 
#54 Kevin Kcehowski 
#55 Oleksandr Otzyv 

Brewster Academy Roster (Blue): 
#0 Nik Maragkidis 
#1 Devonte Graham 
#2 Jordan Manse 
#3 Kevin Zabo [ SDSU San Diego State University ]
#4 Traylin Farris 
#11 Isaac Copeland [ Georgetown University ] 
#14 Hadi Abuzgaya 
#20 Sam Kiley 
#21 Max Twyman [ SUNY University of Albany ]
#23 Donovan Mitchell 
#25 Jake Hilkey 
#33 Jarred Reuter


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