Monday, December 2, 2013

New Hampton School (New Hampshire) Vs Fishburne Military Academy (Virginia) + Overtime [Full Game]


November 23rd 2013 

2013 National Prep Showcase (NERR)

New Hampton School Vs Fishburne Military Academy 

New Hampton School Roster (White): 
#3 Elijah Bryant 
#4 Josh Repine 
#5 Jeremy Miller 
#10 Donovan Love 
#11 AJ Turner 
#14 Tory Miller [ University of Colorado ]
#15 Aubrey Dawkins 
#20 Quincy Aubertine 
#21 Tyler Lydon [ Syracuse University ]
#22 Mike Auger [ University of Pennsylvania ]
#23 Mike Leblanc [ Princeton University ] 
#25 Anthony Pate 
#33 Nick Morris 
#55 Daniel Levitt 

Fishburne Military Academy Roster (Red): 
#5 Clay Agee
#10 Jordan Talley 
#11 Ryan Andino 
#12 Garret Collins 
#20 Rodney Washingtoon 
#22 Robert Harris III [ KSU Kansas State University ]
#23 Jabari Craig [ USC University of Southern California ]
#24 Shamiek Sheppard 
#30 James Rucker 
#32 Chris Wray [ Mount St Mary's University ]
#33 Lamell Washington [ UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore County ]
#34 DeOntaye Curtis 
#42 Mo Sallah [ Mount St Mary's University ]
#44 Jordan Tyson [ St Bonaventure University ]


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