Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hargrave Military Academy (Virginia) Vs St Thomas More School (Connecticut) [Full Game]


November 22nd 2013 

2013 National Prep Showcase (NERR)

Hargrave Military Academy Vs St Thomas More School 

Hargrave Military Academy Roster (White): 
#0 Rashard Kelly [ WSU Wichita State University ]
#2 Terrell Gandy 
#3 Justin Jordan 
#5 Dylan Hodson 
#10 Malik Tyree [ Tusculum College ]
#11 Asa Duvall 
#12 Brandon Jones 
#14 Ahmad Thomas 
#21 Jabari McGhee
#23 Trey Grundy 
#24 Mark Champion 
#32 Donte Grantham [ Clemson University ]
#33 Tim Buchikos 
#34 Karl Overstreet [ ETSU East Tennessee State University ] 

St Thomas More School Roster (Blue): 
#1 Cane Broome [ Sacred Heart University ] 
#3 Thomas Whipple 
#4 Michael Wells [ SUNY University of Albany ]
#5 Josh Williams [ Rider University ] 
#10 Taverick Roberson 
#11 Eric Paschall [ Fordham University ] 
#12 Yuta Watanabe 
#14 Calvin Crawford [ Manhattan University ] 
#15 Alex Doche 
#21 Scott Toresco [ SNHU Southern New Hampshire University ]
#22 Francis Kiapway [ Ball State University ] 
#24 Ajou Deng 
#32 Travis Tomer


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