Friday, November 15, 2013

9th Grader Trevon Duval of St Benedict's Prep With A Wicked Behind The Back Crossover On Defender

St Benedict's Prep held a scrimmage against Bishop Loughlin recently. Entire new team with the exception of Jonathan Williams. One of the new guys is Trevon Duval. Watch him hit his defender with a behind the back crossover as he finishes at the cup. Don't reach young blood. Don't reach. Looked like he traveled on the finish though.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

St Benedict's Preparatory Varsity Schedule 2013-2014

Schedule is tentative. Subject to change without notice. Coach Mark Taylor's third season at the helm. Gone from last year are Tyler Ennis now at Syracuse, Mike Young now at Pittsburgh, Denzell Taylor now at Old Dominion, Isaiah Briscoe now at Roselle Catholic. Last year they ended St Anthony's winning streak and went wire to the wire with Montverde Academy. Main holdover is VCU bound Jonathan Williams. Below is their schedule. How will they do this year? Only time will tell. 

St. Benedict’s Prep Schedule 2013-2014

Date:      Day:    Time:             Opponent:                                   Location:  

Nov 8th    Fri      700PM  Athlete Institute Canada (Exhibition)       St. Benedict’s Prep             

Nov 13th  Wed   530PM  Bishop Laughlin (Scrimmage)                 St. Benedict’s Prep            

Nov 14th  Sat     200PM  South Shore (Scrimmage)                      St. Benedict’s Prep           

Nov 15th  Fri      530PM  Christ the King (Scrimmage)                   St. Benedict’s Prep        

Nov 21st  Thu     530PM  Rise Academy                                      St. Benedict’s Prep           
Nov 22nd  Fri      530PM  Prestige Prep                                        St. Benedict’s Prep          

Dec 4th    Wed   630PM  Academy of the New Church                   ANC PA                              

Dec 6th    Fri      615PM  Trent International Texas                         Coatesville PA                    

Dec 7th    Sat     545PM  Milford Mills MD                                     Lower Merion PA                   
Dec 11th  Wed    515PM  The Hun School                                     St. Benedict’s Prep          

Dec 13th  Fri       700PM  Malvern Prep                                         St. Benedict’s Prep        

Dec 17     Tue     530PM  NIA Prep                                               St. Benedict’s Prep          

Dec 20th  Fri       TBD     Puerto Rico Hoops Tournament                Guaynabo PR                      
Dec 21st  Sat      TBD     Puerto Rico Hoops Tournament                Guaynabo PR                       
Dec 22th  Sun     TBD     Puerto Rico Hoops Tournament                Guaynabo PR                     

Jan 3rd     Fri      700PM  Montverde Academy ESPN                     Wheeling WV             

Jan 5th    Sun     330PM  TBD SFICC                                            Kean University                    
Jan 8th    Wed    630PM  CNC Academy                                       St. Benedict’s Prep         

Jan 11th  Sat      TBD      Master Academy CT                               Pope John XXXIII                            
Jan 14th  Tue      700PM  Life Center Academy                              St. Benedict’s Prep        
Jan 15th  Wed    530PM  Laurel Academy Maryland                       St. Benedict’s Prep           

Jan 19th  Sun     200PM  Arlington Country Day                             Hoop Hall MA          

Jan 22nd  Wed   530PM  Peddie                                                   Peddie                             

Jan 24th   Fri      TBD      Memphis White Haven HS                       Memphis TN                      

Jan 25th  Sat      TBD      Simione HS Chicago                               Memphis TN                       

Jan 29th  Wed    530PM  Blair Academy                                        St. Benedict’s Prep         

Jan 31st  Fri       800PM  Roselle Catholic                                      Prudential Center           

Feb 3rd   Mon     700PM  St. Peter’s Prep                                      St. Peter’s Prep                  

Feb 5th   Wed    530PM  Lawrenceville                                           Lawrenceville                    

Feb 8th   Sat      800PM  Benedictine from Virginia                          Roselle Catholic               

Feb 9th   Sun     600PM  Pope John XXXIII                                       Roselle Catholic                

Feb 12th  Wed    500PM  NJISA State Prep A 1st Round                 St. Benedict’s Prep          

Feb 13th  Thu     700PM  Gil St. Bernard’s                                      Gil St. Bernard’s               

Feb 15th  Sat      500PM  NJISA State Prep A Semi-Finals               St. Benedict’s Prep          

Feb 16th  Sun     TBD      St. Mary’s Manhasset, NY                        Kean University 

Feb 19th  Wed    530PM  NJISA State Prep A Finals                        St. Benedict’s Prep         

Feb 24th  Mon    530PM  The Phelps School                                    St. Benedict’s Prep         

Feb 26th  Wed    500PM  Pioneer Academy or Rutgers Prep             St. Benedict’s Prep           

Feb 28th  Fri       530PM  Rise Academy                                          St. Benedict’s Prep          

Mar 5th   Wed     500PM  NIA Prep                                                  St. Benedicts Prep          

Mar 8th   Sat       TBD     Phoenix Sports Academy                           St. Benedict’s Prep         

Apr 3/5th Thu      TBD     ESPN Rise National HS Invitational              Georgetown Prep DC           

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dave Telep's 10 Key Evaluation Factors For Student Athletes To Know

As many have known Dave Telep has left ESPN for the San Antonio Spurs a few months ago. Over the years he has penned many excellent articles at ESPN. This article below by Dave Telep is a wonderful read for high school athletes, college athletes, parents, and coaches to read. The first two audiences mentioned must read this. The ironic part about this article is that it is hidden behind a pay wall through ESPN Insiders so unless you have a subscription you won't be able to access this golden nugget. A friend of The Basketball Diary passed this piece awhile ago and we believe you need to read it. We believe you should read it. We believe you must read it. Hopefully we wont get sued by Mickey Mouse for posting this.    

Dave Telep’s Top 10: Evaluation factors
When I first began evaluating high school basketball recruits in 1997, you’d see a prospect a handful of times if you were lucky. There wasn’t the kind of access to players and coaches that today is almost instantaneous. 
As time has passed, if you’re so inclined, the ability to be a basketball spy has gotten easier. Information on players exists everywhere. And if you have the proper network, obtaining information is one cell phone call away. Basically, we know more about these guys than they realize. I follow guys on Twitter, for example, to delve into their character and see what they’re made of beyond the court. 

For myself and a lot of the talent evaluators on our staff, there’s the physical component to an evaluation that encompasses a player’s abilities -- and that’s certainly important. But personally, what’s equally important is getting to the root of who players are as people. If the homework is done on a specific player, you then have to be confident in what you’ve learned. That’s where the separation in terms of rankings should be most noticeable. If we’re going to spend the time on the inner evaluation, we’re going to use what we’ve learned -- both good and bad. 

See, there’s more to the player evaluation than how fast they change ends, how well they handle the ball and how many shots they make. Peeling back the layers to create separation in evaluations -- and in turn rankings -- is what it’s all about. Getting to the core of who prospects are and who they can become is an integral part of our jobs. 

So with a new update to the ESPN basketball prospect rankings on the horizon next week, it’s the perfect time to look into what goes into a player evaluation and how those rankings are determined. 
Top 10 important elements of the evaluation

1. DNA: Who are they on the court? Slice them open, read their mind, whatever. At day’s end, as a player and person, what makes them tick? If there’s a genetic code for how our bodies and minds work, then there has to be one for who a prospect is as a basketball player. It’s our job to figure that out. 

2. Competitiveness: This is non-negotiable. Less-talented players -- on average -- narrow the talent gap by taking the fight to the better player. In today’s age of mixtape All-Americans, I’ll take the guy who gets the most pleasure out of winning. Toughness is a talent. There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing two elite players matched up and one or both of the guys not respond to the challenge. 

3. Drive & determination: When the practice is over and they’re cleaning out the gym, which players are squeezing in those precious extra few shots before someone kicks them out? Can they say no to peer pressure and act accordingly knowing their friends may not have the same options as them? Are they maximizing their time in the gym or just punching the clock? Actions speak louder than words. 

4. Coachability: Roll their eyes, ignore their coach and stare down a ref or lock in and buy in – a prospect can only be in one of those two categories. If players don’t allow themselves to be coached, they can’t play in most college programs. If prospects come in thinking they’re bigger than the team, it’s going to be a short stay. Finally, are their parents allowing them to be coached or do they coddle and make excuses? If they think they’ll have direct access to the coach after every college game, they’re dreaming. If parents never allow their kids to be coached or play through adversity, it stands to reason that the players wind up never learning how to be coached or play through adversity. 

5. Appreciation vs. entitlement: This one is straightforward. Is a player the guy who complains about the legroom on the charter plane or the guy who’s just happy to have a seat on the bus? I’m completely turned off by players who expect to be rewarded simply because somewhere along the way someone told them they could do no wrong. One time when I was running a camp, a kid called at 11:30 p.m. and actually asked me to make him a sandwich because he didn’t like the pizza and wings. 

6. Resume: The player who knows what it’s like to go through a state title run, that’s valuable. The kid whose team improved each year, that’s valuable. A player’s overall skills and the state of his game when he leaves high school is a big key in predicting which way he’s trending. There’s a win/loss number on a prospect’s high school resume, and it should matter to him. College is not an AAU tournament. There isn’t always a “next game.” 

7. Me guy or team guy? Many of the high-profile recruits view their time in college as a pit stop. They’ve got so many people (excluding their coaches) in their ear that they never unpack their bags. But even if you’re only going to be there one season, why not win a few games? Guys who act bigger than their teammates have a hard time making it when their talent level can’t overcome their locker room superiority complex. This goes for all players, whether they’re a four-year guy or a seven-month loaner en route to the league. 

8. Basketball IQ: Take a spin around college basketball. Are the best teams among the turnover leaders? Does Duke take more bad shots than the last-place team in the ACC? A player’s on-court smarts dictate what position he can play, for how long and during what stretches of the game he can remain on the floor. 

9. Overall Intelligence: Forgetting the guys who are too smart for their own good and think too much and react too little, being an intelligent person is also a basketball skill. From picking up plays to reading situations and people, it’s part of a player’s profile and it’s in his DNA. 

10. What others think: If I called a player’s guidance counselor, will they sing his praises or be happy he’s graduating? When a prospect attends a camp, are the staff members complaining about how poorly they were treated or raving about how gracious that player has been? Are teammates and coaches turned off by a player’s attitude? Is a prospect an energy giver or taker? Those are all important questions and answers. Ask anyone in Winston-Salem what they think of Chris Paul or ask the staffs at Oak Hill and Montrose Christian what they think of Kevin Durant. Those kids made great impressions on everyone and opened up windows into their lives for all to see. The people you come into contact with are always eager to tell your story. Prospects need to make sure it’s the narrative they want written.

Friday, November 1, 2013

St John's Redstorm Midnight Madness Mixtape!

Visual of St John's midnight madness for the 2013-2014 season.

If you missed Rysheed Jordan jumping over humans then check the video below.