Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Expressions Elite (Massachusetts) Vs WE R1 (Delaware) | 2013 LIVE IN AC Championship


July 26th 2013 

2013 LIVE IN AC Championship

Expressions Elite Vs WE R1

Expressions Elite Roster (Gray): 
#0 Abdul Malik Abu [ Kimball Union Academy NH ] 
#1 Cane Broome [ St Thomas More School CT ] 
#4 Dimitri Floras [ Vermont Academy VT ] 
#10 Ikenna Ndugba [ Brooks School MA ] 
#11 Idris Taqqee [ Cushing Academy MA ] 
#21 Jesse Bunting [ Tabor Academy MA ] 
#24 Kahari Beaufort [ East Hartford High School CT ] 
#32 Jared Terrell [ Brewster Academy NH ] 
#33 Alec Brennan [ Milton Academy MA ] 
#35 Aaron Falzon [ St Mark's School MA ] 

WE R1 Roster (Black):
#5 JoeCooper [ The Tatnall School DE ] 
#10 Derrick Jones [ Archbishop John Carroll High School PA ] 
#20 James Kirksey [ Chester High School PA ]
#21 Tyrell Sturdivant [ Glasgow High School DE ] 
#22 Nathan Hickman [ Wilmington Christian School DE ] 
#23 Todd Hughes [ Sanford School DE ] 
#33 Austin Tilghman [ St Andrew's School DE ] 
#34 Ben Bentil [ St Andrew's School DE ]


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