Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 NIKE (TOC) Tournament Of Champions Information In New York City

By now people who are in the New York City basketball community know about 2013 Nike Tournament Of Champions also known as Nike TOC. Those that don't know the full details here is the run down information for those who are traveling to New York City and or want to see free basketball games. 

Nike TOC will be held between August 14th 2013 to August 17th 2013 in various locations in New York City. Admissions is free at all locations. Schedule is set unless notified. Continue reading. Legends on the bottom of page.  

August 14th 2013 (Wednesday) :

12:00 PM [Venue: West 4th The Cage] Mens' Team NYC Vs Team DC 

 6:30 PM [Venue: Gershwin Park]        Men's Team Philly Vs Team LA 

 8:30 PM [Venue: Gershwin Park]        Men's Team NYC Vs Team Chicago 

August 15th 2013 (Thursday): 

12:00 PM [Venue: West 4th The Cage] Men's Team DC Vs Team LA 

 2:00 PM [Venue: West 4th The Cage] Men's Team Philly Vs Team Chicago 

 6:30 PM [Venue: Dyckman Park]       Men's Team DC Vs Team Chicago 

 8:30 PM [Venue: Dyckman Park]       Men's Team NYC Vs Team LA 


August 16th 2013 (Friday): 

[Venue: Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn Navy Yard] 

10:00 AM Men's Team Philly Vs Team DC 

12:00 PM Team New Jersey Vs Team Philly [Boy's High School]

 2:00 PM Team New York Vs Team DC        [Boy's High School]

 4:00 PM  Men's Team LA Vs Team Chicago 

 6:00 PM Men's Team NYC Vs Team Philly 

 8:00 PM Team Kevin Durant Vs Team James Harden 
              [Kevin Durant and James Harden along with his beard will be involved in this game.]

August 17th 2013 (Saturday): 

[Venue: Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn Navy Yard] 

10:00 AM Men's Semifinals 

12:00 PM Men's Semifinals 

  2:00 PM Girl's High School All Stars Game  

  4:00 PM Boy's High School Championship 

  6:00 PM Women All Stars Game 

  8:00 PM Men's Nike Tournament of Champions Final 

10:00 PM Music Performance


How to get the venues listed above: 

For West 4th The Cage. Located on the corner of West 3rd Street and 6th Ave in Manhattan. 
Train Stop: West 4th Street Station - A, B, C, D, E, F, M trains. 

For Gershwin Park. Located on Linden Blvd. between Vermont Street and Van Siclen Ave in Brooklyn. 
Train Stop: Van Siclen Station - 3 Train 

For Dyckman Park. Located West 204th Street and Nagle Ave in Manhattan. 
Train Stop: 207th Street Station or Dyckman Street Station - 1 Train 

For Duggall Greenhouse (Building #268) In Brooklyn Navy Yard. Located on 63 Flushing Ave in Brooklyn. 
Train Stop: York Street Station - F train
There should be an entrance on Sands Street and Navy Street. 
There will be a free shuttle from Atlantic Avenue Station (Barclay Center). Not sure how many times it will run. Guessing every 15 to 30 minutes depending on traffic and such. 

Players roster playing in these entire events - Do not have a list. If it comes to light, their names will be posted. 


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