Monday, June 3, 2013

Indiana's Noah Vonleh New Hampton School Highlights - Next Lamar Odom + (Scouting Noah Vonleh)

Indiana Hoosiers' incoming freshman Noah Vonleh's highlights. A few games from his last two years at New Hampton School. 

Rapid thoughts on Noah Vonleh last 2 seasons:
Pro physique. NBA bound. No question. 1 year or 2 that is all up to him on how well he does at Indiana and the feedback he receives. Large hands. Not golden gloves mittens, that has to improve. Took great leaps from the previous season to this season. The best New Englander this year. Offense wasn't run through him past season which was strange. Was subbed a lot or foul prone, not sure. Loves going right after getting the ball from high post/ left elbow. No left hand. Great feet. Forefoot runner. Trunk legs. Long arms. Still growing. Physical rebounder. Great boxing out technique. Not super above the rim but can do a lot of put backs and rebounds near the rim due to length. No mid range. Hardly took one. Loves the left side 3 and corner left 3. Jumper mechanics are okay. Not great. Release point is slightly low and left hand set up is at a different angle. Ball goes in and out. Great ball handler for his size. Ability to palm the ball helps. Bringing the ball up beyond the timeline he can catch momentum and drive in with ease on the right side. His half court drives are a slow for a guy with his power. Defenders sees the play develop which forces his drives to halt. Eventually he will discover his true speed which is extremely fast and controlled.      

Photo by Jesse Burke


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