Sunday, May 5, 2013

Syracuse Incoming Combo Forward Tyler Roberson Of Roselle Catholic Senior Year Highlights

One of the two incoming Tylers from the state of New Jersey heading to Syracuse. This one being Tyler Roberson. The other being Tyler Ennis. Tyler Roberson doesn't have much fan fare or crazy hype coming in compared to the other Tyler Ennis however Tyler Roberson is very good. Long for a small forward yet thin for a power forward. Good body language. Excellent rebounder and blocker for his weight class. Developing technical skills on the mid-range game - face up and behind the back. Runs the floor extremely well as a trailer and ahead of the pack. More of a silent leader not talkative on the floor though that must evolve as he grows. And do need to call for the ball a bit more on the low blocks. Crashing the paint is where he will find success on defense. Mid range to the rim is his calling on the offense. Beyond the arc needs a few years of fine tuning. Here is a sample size of Tyler Roberson's game from his senior year at Roselle Catholic High School.

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