Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seton Hall University Bound Parisian Stephane Manga Of Monroe College Sophomore Year Highlights - Bringin' The International Flavor

Hailed from Paris, France Stephane Manga recently committed to Seton Hall University. Played at Princeton Day Academy in Maryland then did a unsuccessful year at Salt Lake Community College before arriving at the top northeast junior college in the nation, Monroe College. Teamed up with ex-Pittsburgh transfer Isaiah Epps, Ohio University bound Maurice Ndour, University of Nevada Reno bound AJ West, they reached the regional and were 3 points away from reaching Hutchinson, Kansas. This big guard can score in bunches which gives Seton Hall immediate impact to their team for the next two years. Only time will tell how Stephane Manga will do. In the meantime sit back relax and enjoy the highlights from this power guard. 

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