Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fishburne Military School (Virginia) Vs Northfield Mount Hermon NMH (Massachusetts) + Overtime - 2013 National Prep Championship By New England Recruiting Report (NERR)


March 5th 2013 

2013 National Prep Championship By New England Recruiting Report (NERR)

Fishburne Military School Vs Northfield Mount Hermon NMH + Overtime 

Fishburne Military School Roster (White):
#1 Kendall Hawkins 
#5 Walter Foster [ Towson University ] 
#10 Chase Cormier [ GSU Grambling State University ]
#11 Zack Lewis [ Canisius College ] 
#12 Daniel Dixon [ College of William and Mary ] 
#20 Will Darley [ UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore County ] 
#22 Greg Session 
#23 Kuran Iverson [ University of Memphis ]
#24 Zak Kirkbride
#32 Magnus Richards [ SUNY Binghamton University ] 
#33 Barnett Harris [ University of Delaware ] 
#34 Marcel Simon [ University of Texas Pan American ] 
#40 Kyle Rhoades
#42 Alassane Kah [ WKU Western Kentucky University ] 
#44 Maurice Simon 

Northfield Mount Hermon NMH Roster (Red):
#1 Anthony Dallier [ Yale University ] 
#3 Michael Fleming [ Dartmouth College ] 
#5 Jashanti Allen 
#10 Daquon Allen 
#11 Josh Hearlihy
#12 Victor Udoji 
#14 Ian Sistare 
#20 Sam Donahue [ Boston College ] 
#21 Zena Edosomwan [ Harvard University ] 
#25 Sem Kroon 
#30 Peter Miller [ Princeton University ] 
#33 Skyler White [ George Washington University ] 
#42 Josh Sharma 
#44 Collin McManus


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