Saturday, April 6, 2013

Believe Prep (South Carolina) Vs Brewster Academy (New Hampshire) - 2013 National Prep Championship By New England Recruiting Report (NERR)


March 5th 2013 

2013 National Prep Championship By New England Recruiting Report (NERR)

Believe Prep Vs Brewster Academy 

Believe Prep Roster (White):
#0 Dominique Williams 
#1 Shadell Millinghaus
#2 Jaquan Dupree
#3 Ben Sealey
#4 Shammgod Wells 
#5 Leroy Fludd 
#10 Mike McQuillen 
#11 Bryce Jones 
#12 Tony Mayfield 
#14 Juwan Park 
#15 Jermaine Brown 
#23 Jason Perry Murray 
#24 Devonte Millinghaus 
#25 Tyler Whitehead
#30 Jarrett Thorpe 
#32 Dominique Nelson 
#35 Marquis Cunningham 
#41 Dyshane Murphy

Brewster Academy Roster (Blue): 
#1 Kevin Zabo 
#2 Rudolfs Arnicans 
#3 Ron Patterson [ Syracuse University ] 
#4 Zuri Pavlin 
#5 Chris McCullough [ Syracuse University ] 
#12 Martez Harrison 
#14 John Edwards [ UNH University of New Hampshire ] 
#20 Sam Kiley
#21 Kyle Washington [ NC State North Carolina State University ]
#22 Elijah Macon [ WVU West Virginia University ] 
#23 Patrick Wallace 
#24 Robert Champion [ Holy Cross College ]
#25 Alex Hall [ Connecticut College ]
#32 Jared Terrell


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