Friday, April 26, 2013

Basketball Movie Review of The Lenny Cooke Movie at The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

Left to Right: Howard Garfinkel, Lenny Cooke, Adam Shopkorn

The Lenny Cooke Movie debuted at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. The film revolves around the journey of the main subject: Lenny Cooke. 

I came to the show with an open mind. If you are from New York City and or sort of followed basketball you would know who Lenny Cooke is during the early 2000's. For those that are too young to know Lenny Cooke it's understandable however the younger generation should take in Cooke's story because it will teach us all not only in basketball but the game of life. 

I arrived early like everyone else.The Lenny Cooke Movie was the longest line for any Tribeca Film Festival screening. Everyone was sent away. However persistent and patience paid off. One of the producers assisted the few who were hustling to get in. Shout out to Josh Safdie for getting the people in. Being a producer and seeing empty corporate reserved seats vacant motivated him to try and bring more people inside. 

The movie started already when I came in. What I missed was not an issue because what I saw is a fantastic film. Lenny Cooke is a damn powerful subject. 

Don't want to give too much details away, Lenny Cooke Movie timeline is like a swan moving across the lake. We see him in the past and the present with graceful maturation of the story. It's a tale of what happens to a young man who get caught up in the game of basketball and life. Yet fully aware of his mistakes that he has made in the past he opens up his present day life through the lens for viewers to see multiple sides of being a dream chaser. The final minutes of the film floored everyone. The visual illusion applied will make this documentary feel M. Night Shyamalan directed the final minutes. He wasn't thankfully. 

Lenny Cooke Movie is hoping to be a success. Well it already is. It's only a distributor away to making it go really big. This movie is a educational tool that will be shown over and over again. It doesn't only teach basketball players a lesson but all of us who made mistakes in the game of life.

Lot of details about this movie was left out in this write up but one can guess why. Do. Want. To. Spoil. The. Fun. Viewers should process the movie in their own perspectives.

Random notes

- Josh Safdie got us in. Without him this short write up wouldn't be possible.

- Sitting next to Howard Garfinkel and then watching the younger version of himself on the big screen. Didn't know he smoked.

- Florida Atlantic University head coach Mike Jarvis the former St John's University head coach quotes in this movie is disturbing. Heads going to roll.

- Lenny Cooke himself is currently speaking at local high schools around the Virginia area.

- Adam Shopkorn one of the producer, he was the one who started to film Lenny Cooke in High School. Josh Sadfie and Ben Sadfie took the baton and help it get to the finish line.

- Total of 100 hours of footage were used to make this documentary. 50 hours from the past. 50 hours from the recent times.

- LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony (past and present) makes cameo in this movie.

- Joakim Noah executive producer was the only NBA player to visit Cooke in Virginia.  


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