Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Andrew Wiggins Huntington Prep Highlights - Where Will He Go? FSU, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky?

Andrew Wiggins is the top 18 year old player in the world. He wont turn 19 years of age until conference play of 2013-2014 college basketball season however he has been under the NBA radar for quite some time. If high school to pros were still allowed he would be in the NBA lottery discussion. It's not. A lucky coach and his university will get Andrew Wiggins service for one lucky year potentially. Until then everyone and their mothers will have an opinion on why he should go to FSU, UNC, Kansas, or Kentucky. Ultimately Andrew Wiggins will be the one making that decision. For now we can enjoy a highlight of this and last season of Andrew Wiggins' games from his national high school team better known as Huntington Prep. 

Click the below links to see the full game. 

Huntington Prep Vs St Anthony High School 

Huntington Prep Vs Quality Education Academy 

Huntington Prep Vs Kennedy Charter Public School

Huntington Prep Vs Riverside Baptist School

Huntington Prep Vs Princeton Day Academy 

Photo by Rick Lee


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