Monday, March 25, 2013

Teaneck High School (New Jersey) Vs St Benedict's Preparatory School (New Jersey) - 2013 New Year's Jump Off By The New Jersey Playaz Basketball Club


January 6th 2013 

2013 New Year's Jump Off By The New Jersey Playaz Basketball Club 

Teaneck High School Vs St Benedict's Preparatory School

Teaneck High School Roster (White): 
#1 Devaunte Locadia 
#2 Eddie Pena 
#3 Shaakir Lindsey 
#4 Lavrone Green Reels 
#10 Rahmiere Bethune
#11 Joel Hernandez 
#12 Tyler Price 
#15 Marcus Fulmore 
#21 Myles McLeod 
#22 Malik Davis 
#22 Ceasar DeJesus 
#32 Tyler Shadrach
#35 Khalfani St Clair 

St Benedict's Preparatory School Roster (Red):
#2 Mike Young [ University of Pittsburgh ] 
#3 Tyrell Green 
#4 Jordan Forehand
#11 Tyler Ennis [ Syracuse University ]
#12 Jonathan Williams [ VCU Virginia Commonwealth University ] 
#13 Isaiah Briscoe
#15 Nick Washington 
#21 Denzell Taylor [ ODU Old Dominion University ]
#25 Rodney Miller


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