Sunday, March 24, 2013

St Anthony High School (New Jersey) Vs Eastside High School (New Jersey) - 2013 New Year's Jump Off By The New Jersey Playaz Basketball Club


January 6th 2013 

2013 New Year's Jump Off By The New Jersey Playaz Basketball Club 

St Anthony High School Vs Eastside High School

St Anthony High School Roster (White):
#1 Josh Brown [ Temple University ] 
#2 Cheddi Mosely
#3 Hallice Cooke [ OSU Oregon State University ] 
#5 Taurean Thompson 
#10 Tarin Smith
#11 Jair Bolden 
#12 Chas Smith
#14 Tony Houston 
#15 Kody Jenkins 
#21 Kentrell Brooks [ Marist College ] 
#22 Tim Coleman [ NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology ]
#23 Jagen Mosely 
#30 Eddy Dominguez 
#32 Jordan Compas
#33 Aaron Ariri 

Eastside High School Roster (Red):
#1 ReQuan Lynn 
#2 Jamar Gilbert 
#3 Ishmael Sanogo 
#4 Jabreel Ahmed 
#5 Abdul Lewis 
#10 Elijah Afuola 
#11 Ahmad Harrison 
#12 Stephen McNair 
#22 Jarrod May 
#23 William Joyce 
#24 Rashun Lynn 
#30 Akbar Hoffman 
#34 Antonio Willis


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