Monday, March 25, 2013

Pope John XXIII High School (New Jersey) Vs Hudson Catholic High School (New Jersey) - 2013 New Year's Jump Off By The New Jersey Playaz Basketball Club


January 6th 2013 

2013 New Year's Jump Off By The New Jersey Playaz Basketball Club 

Pope John XXIII High School Vs Hudson Catholic High School

Pope John XXIII High School Roster (Gray):
#11 Bryce Aiken 
#13 Noah Brown 
#20 Steve Zignorski 
#21 Drew Daniel 
#22 Patrick Mekongo Mbala 
#30 Ryan Izzo 
#31 Matt Zignorski 
#44 Mustapha Diagne 

Hudson Catholic High School Roster (Black): 
#2 Med FoFana
#3 Kavon Stewart [ RMU Robert Morris University ]
#5 Reggie Cameron [ Georgetown University ]
#11 Adam Traore
#10 Marc Wilson 
#13 JR Lynch 
#20 Sammy Friday
#21 Kyle McLeggan 
#32 Safee Sabur


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