Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Hampton School (New Hampshire) Vs Notre Dame Prep (Massachusetts) - 2013 BABC Prep Classic


January 19th 2013 

2013 BABC Prep Classic 

New Hampton School Vs Notre Dame Prep

New Hampton School Roster (White): 
#3 Travis Jorgenson [ Georgia Institute of Technology ]
#5 Dustin Triano 
#10 Tory Miller
#15 Lincoln Davis [ Fairfield University ]
#21 Anthony Pate
#22 Mike Auger 
#23 Mike Leblanc
#24 Peyton Prudhomme
#32 Garrett Dorfman
#33 Trevor Glassman 
#34 Cole McConnell
#35 Noah Vonleh [ Indiana University ]

Notre Dame Prep Roster (Black): 
#1 AJen English 
#2 Jaylen Brantley 
#3 Jarvis Garrett 
#4 Tyree Robinson 
#10 KJ Pritchard 
#11 Roger Moute a Bidias 
#12 Matt Atewe
#15 Donnele Munda 
#20 Aaron Parks 
#23 Jamel Artis 
#33 Jarrel Marshall 
#50 Travis Charles


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