Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hackensack High School (New Jersey) Vs Medford Tech High School (New Jersey) - 2013 New Year's Jump Off By The New Jersey Playaz Basketball Club


January 6th 2013 

2013 New Year's Jump Off By The New Jersey Playaz Basketball Club 

Hackensack High School Vs Medford Tech High School

Hackensack High School Roster (White): 
#1 Chris Myers 
#2 Rashard Figures 
#5 Gene Marshall 
#11 Phillip Hammond 
#12 Barry Palmore Jr 
#22 Anthony Uribe 
#23 Jamik Moore 

Medford Tech High School Roster (Red): 
#3 Derrick Jones 
#5 Julius Armstead 
#10 Anthony Nelson 
#11 Isaiah Williams 
#13 Sydney Harris 
#21 Jefferson Coulanges 
#23 Myles Powell 
#31 Dennis Tunstall 
#32 Eli Cain 
#33 Donte Ali 
#34 DeAngelo Hilton


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