Wednesday, February 27, 2013

St Frances Academy (Maryland) Vs Fort Bend Travis High School (Texas) - Under Armour I-95 Elite Challenge


December 14th 2012 

Under Armour I-95 Elite Challenge 

St Frances Academy Vs Fort Bend Travis High School 

St Frances Academy Roster (White): 
#0 Tevon Saddler 
#1 Kurk Lee Jr
#2 Rashad Wattie 
#3 Aaron Davis
#4 Nnamdi Egbuaba 
#10 Dayshawn Wells 
#11 Joshua Ayemi 
#13 Khalil Richards 
#15 Dwayne Morgan 
#24 Maurice White [ Loyola University Maryland ] 
#25 Emerson Atkins

Fort Bend Travis High School Roster (Red): 
#1 John Burnett 
#2 Aaron Harrison [ University of Kentucky ] 
#3 Darion Roquemore 
#4 Daniel Chika 
#11 Chris Idi 
#12 Derrick Nwaneti 
#14 Efiom Ita 
#20 Nathan Bertness 
#23 Tyronne Jordan 
#32 Juwan Williams 
#42 David Tillman


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