Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mathematics Civics & Sciences Charter School MCSCS (Pennsylvania) Vs South Shore High School (New York) - 2012 Villa Classic


December 15th 2012 

2012 Villa Classic

Mathematics Civics & Sciences Charter School Vs South Shore High School

Mathematics Civics & Sciences Charter School MCSCS Roster (White):
#1 Shafeek Taylor 
#2 Tyrese Hester 
#3 Britton Lee 
#4 Nazeer Bostick 
#5 Malik Starkes 
#11 Calil Moultrie 
#14 Darrin Manning 
#20 Jeffon Powell 
#21 Jeremiah Worthem
#22 Kevon Alexander 
#23 Louis Myers 
#24 Maurice Stevens 
#30 Deron Powell 
#34 Nasir Hickman
#35 Quadir Welton 

South Shore High School Roster (Purple): 
#1 Justin Silva 
#2 Shakur Spencer 
#3 Doudmy Saint Hilaire
#4 Kevin Jackson 
#5 Terrence Samuel [ UConn University of Connecticut ] 
#10 Devyn Wilson 
#11 Alrick Ashley 
#12 Shamiek Sheppard [ Towson University ] 
#13 Cody Doyle 
#15 Donnell Clayton
#23 David Tait 
#24 Tavid McIntosh Jr
#31 Kadeem Grant 
#32 Torrie Artis 
#34 Didier Antonie this post


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