Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Imhotep Institute Charter High School (Pennsylvania) Vs Abraham Lincoln High School (New York) - 2012 Villa Classic


December 15th 2012 

2012 Villa Classic

Imhotep Institute Charter High School Vs Abraham Lincoln High School 

Imhotep Institute Charter High School Roster (White): 
#1 Brandon Austin [ Providence College ]
#3 Tyheem Harmon 
#4 Abraham Massaley
#5 Nigel Grant 
#11 Carnel Harley 
#12 Jakwan Jones
#20 Deion Evans 
#21 Dymir Logan 
#23 Deryl Bagwell 
#24 Devin Liggeons 
#33 Jalil Myers 
#35 Basil Thompson 

Abraham Lincoln High School Roster (Blue): 
#0 Anthony Williams
#11 Trevonn Morton 
#12 Shaquille McFarlan
#14 David Ivanov
#15 Isaiah Whitehead 
#20 Desi Rodriguez 
#21 Elijah Davis 
#22 Antonio Albert
#24 Gregory Poleon 
#32 Thomas Holley 
#34 Anaselrahm Abdu
#44 Michael Vigilance


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