Thursday, February 21, 2013

Huntington Prep (West Virginia) Vs Princeton Day Academy (Maryland) - 2012 Team Takeover National High School Hoops Festival


December 9th 2012 

2012 Team Takeover National High School Hoops Festival 

Huntington Prep Vs Princeton Day Academy 

Huntington Prep Roster (Gray): 
#1 Montaque Gill Caesar 
#2 Hakan Pomakoglu
#3 Travon Landry [ UT University of Tennessee ] 
#4 Nevell Provo 
#11 Xavier Rathan Mayes [ FSU Florida State University ] 
#12 Dominic Woodson [ Baylor University ] 
#14 Patrick Strake 
#21 Vlad Novak 
#22 Andrew Wiggins 
#23 Carlos Arroyo 
#24 Williams Gabriel 
#33 Moses Kingsley [ University of Arkansas ]

Princeton Day Academy Roster (Black):
#2 Brandon Better 
#4 Aquille Carr [ Seton Hall University ]
#11 London Hernandez 
#12 Jabbar Vaughn 
#20 Emmanuel Omogbo
#21 Anton Waters 
#24 Juan Johnson Jr 
#32 Xavier Johnson 
#44 Antoine Murphy


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