Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girls - Paul VI Catholic High School (Virginia) vs HD Woodson High School (District of Columbia) - 2012 Team Takeover National High School Hoops Festival


December 9th 2012 

2012 Team Takeover National High School Hoops Festival 

Paul VI Catholic High School vs HD Woodson High School 

Paul VI Catholic High School Roster (White):
#3 Annie Kane 
#10 Kayla Meador 
#11 Josey Swanberg 
#12 Ariana Freeman [ WVU West Virginia University ] 
#13 Marlena Tremba [ College of William and Mary ] 
#14 Mariel Smiko 
#15 Kendall Hunter 
#21 Caley Gormley 
#22 Lauren Cox 
#23 Marilisa Morales 
#24 Lindsey Oblitey 
#30 Jasmine Whitney 
#32 Kasey Curtis [ College of William and Mary ] 
#44 Jonquanae Cole 

HD Woodson High School Roster (Black): 
#1 Andrea Watkins 
#2 Erin Blaine 
#3 Breonn Hughey 
#4 Raven Riley 
#5 Georgianna Gilbeaux
#10 Adel Allen 
#11 Arjae Saunders 
#12 Najee Prince 
#15 Tytilayo Green
#20 Nia jordan Williams 
#24 Shannon Dozier 
#30 therese Gilmore 
#42 Armonie Lomax


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