Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chester High School (Pennsylvania) Vs Abraham Lincoln High School (New York) - Under Armour I-95 Elite Challenge


December 14th 2012 

Under Armour I-95 Elite Challenge  

Chester High School Vs Abraham Lincoln High School 

Chester High School Roster (White): 
#1 Conrad Chambers 
#2 Darius Robinson 
#4 Isaiah Warren 
#10 Rashan DeJarnette 
#22 James Kirksey 
#23 Rondae Jefferson [ University of Arizona ] 
#30 Mike Williams 
#32 Richard Granberry 
#33 Darius Collins 
#34 Marquis Collins 
#40 Diamonte Reason 
#42 Khalil Williams 
#50 DaSaun Campbell 

Abraham Lincoln High School Roster (Blue): 
#0 Anthony Williams
#11 Trevonn Morton 
#12 Shaquille McFarlan
#15 Isaiah Whitehead 
#20 Desi Rodriguez 
#21 Elijah Davis 
#32 Thomas Holley 
#44 Michael Vigilance


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