Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Camden High School (New Jersey) Vs Wings Academy (New York) - 2012 Villa Classic


December 15th 2012 

2012 Villa Classic

Camden High School Vs Wings Academy

Camden High School Roster (White):
#2 Tavaris Headen 
#5 Kelvin Davis 
#10 Maliq Bryant 
#11 Khalif Hunter 
#12 Kirk Johnson 
#15 William McCants 
#22 Joshua Devine 
#24 Amir Maddred 
#50 Cyrus Saxon
Jamil Maddred 
Rasool Hinson 

Wings Academy Roster (Black): 
#1 Corey Pierce 
#3 Ridge Grant 
#4 Desure Buie 
#5 Randy Corporan
#10 Francisco Infante 
#11 Foday Sankaray
#15 Soufiyane Diakite 
#22 Marvilio Berroa 
#23 Jaequan Brown
#32 Davonne Ragin 
#33 Joshua Ponder 
#42 Joseph Mbisike


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