Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Impressive Dunk Plays By Andrew Wiggins That Makes You Think He Superhuman

Here are two plays of Andrew Wiggins that sticks out during the Kennedy Charter Vs Hunting Prep game. Play number 1, he gallops to the rim for an easy alley. In most human cases its one of the hardest mission to complete. Notice the speed to the rim. No acceleration. Play number 2, a one handed dunk power dunk. His dunking arm is locked around 90 degrees at the point of the dunk. If the rim was 11 feet he wouldn't have trouble getting it in. Watch the backboard rattle. Most high school students can't even do that. That dunk delighted one of the grandparents in attendance for Kennedy Charter. She was even impressed.

November 24th 2012 

2012 Charlotte Hoops Challenge

Kennedy Charter Public School Vs Huntington Prep

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