Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Hampton School (New Hampshire) Vs Vermont Academy (Vermont) - 2012 Hoop Mountain Prep Classic


December 2nd 2012 

2012 Hoop Mountain Prep Classic 

New Hampton School Vs Vermont Academy 

New Hampton School Roster (White):
#1 Jeremy Miller 
#3 Travis Jorgenson
#5 Dustin Triano 
#10 Tory Miller
#15 Lincoln Davis [ Fairfield University ]
#21 Anthony Pate
#22 Mike Auger 
#23 Mike Leblanc
#24 Peyton Prudhomme
#32 Garrett Dorfman
#33 Trevor Glassman 
#34 Cole McConnell
#35 Noah Vonleh [ Indiana University ]

Vermont Academy Roster (Black): 
#0 Steffen Ghantous 
#1 Anthony Davis 
#2 Sebastian Lopez 
#3 Billy Petzold 
#4 Dimitri Floras 
#5 Mikki Eggelhoefer 
#10 Miles Hearon 
#11 Daquein McNeil [ FIU Florida International University ] 
#13 Marcel White 
#15 George Funtarov
#23 Richard Williams [ Hofstra University ]
#24 Hassan Hussein 
#33 Jack Payne


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