Sunday, January 6, 2013

Life Of A College Baller: Yale Bulldogs' Justin Sears Pens His First Literature Piece Of The New Year

What’s up people? This is Justin Sears or “Too Tall” as I am commonly referred to back home in Jersey. For the people who don’t know, I am a 6’7 freshman forward at Yale University and according to The Basketball Diary I have a striking resemblance to Chris Bosh. I’ll try not to bore my audience to death and give you guys a quick idea on how the break is going.

I am on winter break and this is the best time for a college basketball player. We are usually given a few days back home with our families before returning to campus where we are able to work on our craft and not have the stress of classes on our mind. To start the break, our team completed a grueling stretch of games on the West Coast this past week. We played University of Nevada, Saint Mary’s in North Cal, and concluded the trip with a visit to Iowa State. 

The trip was tough as we boarded 6 crowed planes filled with crying children, underwent 4 different time zones in 6 days, experienced sunny weather in California to snow and negative degrees in Ames, Iowa. You can't forget the unforgiving crowds never failing to call us “geeks” and “nerds”.

Despite all this there were many positives taken from the trip. We gained exposure from tough competition. Team chemistry was built through many hot tubbing sessions [Ed. Note: Pause], and some of us were fortunate to give a few autographs to fans and snag a few phone numbers from waitresses. 

We are back in New Haven now preparing for a home stand against the Florida Gators. Not many mid-major teams are able to host a high-major team so this is big deal. There are no students on campus. The sellout crowd will be made up of Yale administrators, professors, and the local New Haven crowd. It will be an interesting environment but nevertheless, we are amped and ready to leave it all out on the floor. 

This concludes my entry. Thanks guys for the read. This wont be my only appearance here as a writer. I plan to give you a better idea of what it’s like to be an Ivy League baller as I continue my journey. Until then, give me a follow on twitter @Jussears5 for some quality reading. Peace!

- Justin Sears

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