Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bridgton Academy (Maine) Vs Tilton School (New Hampshire) - 2012 Hoop Mountain Prep Classic


December 2nd 2012 

2012 Hoop Mountain Prep Classic 

Bridgton Academy Vs Tilton School 

Bridgton Academy Roster (White): 
#0 Evan Orzolek 
#1 Justin Nolan 
#3 Kamahl Walker 
#4 Andrew Guerrero 
#5 Swade Edwards 
#11 Josh Irving 
#15 Dorrell Foster 
#21 Chris Lee 
#22 Keenan Williams 
#24 Anthony Russell

Tilton School Roster (Black): 
#1 Chester Victor 
#2 Jonathan Joseph 
#3 Joe Fama
#4 Wayne Selden [ University of Kansas ] 
#5 Evandro Bildau
#11 Terrance Mann
#12 Packy Witkowski
#20 Pete Drescher 
#24 Lee Messier 
#31 Cameron Durley 
#33 John Witkowski
#52 Jared Lucas


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