Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Kiski School (Pennsylvania) Vs Tilton School (New Hampshire) - 2012 National Prep Showcase By NERR


November 18th 2012 

2012 National Prep Showcase By New England Recruiting Report (NERR)

The Kiski School Vs Tilton School

The Kiski School Roster (White):
#2 Houston Dugan 
#10 Andrew Jacob 
#12 Damian Persaud
#13 Dapo Badmos 
#15 Satchel Pierce 
#22 Obi Udezeh 
#23 Dante Lombardi 
#24 Daniel Camps 
#25 Major Canady [ Drexel University ] 
#30 Ramon Creighton 
#31 Devin McClain 
#32 Greg Bearer 
#33 Noah Brown 
#34 Augie Luptak 
#42 Artie Luptak 
#44 Rashad Richardson [ IPFW Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne ]
#45 Michael Poirier 
#53 Seth Rouse 
#54 Kevin Kcehowski
#55 Justin Pearce 

Tilton School Roster (Black):
#1 Chester Victor 
#2 Jonathan Joseph 
#3 Joe Fama
#4 Wayne Selden [ University of Kansas ] 
#5 Evandro Bildau
#11 Terrance Mann
#12 Packy Witkowski
#20 Pete Drescher 
#24 Lee Messier 
#31 Cameron Durley 
#33 John Witkowski
#52 Jared Lucas


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