Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Massanutten Military Academy (Virginia) Vs South Kent School (Connecticut) - 2012 National Prep Showcase By NERR


November 16th 2012 

2012 National Prep Showcase By New England Recruiting Report (NERR)

Massanutten Military Academy Vs South Kent School

Massanutten Military Academy Roster (White):
#1 Deandre Burnett [ University of Miami ]
#3 Frank Mason [ University of Kansas ] 
#4 Hunter LeVeau
#5 Ahmad Fields
#10 Benji Bell 
#11 Dwayne Foreman
#12 BJ Hamlett 
#14 Garland Owens [ Boston College ]
#15 Rashard Kelly 
#21 Nick Carter 
#23 QJ Peterson [ VMI Virginia Military Institute ]
#24 Jerome Simmons 
#25 Amin Abuhawwas 
#42 Damonte Dodd [ University of Maryland ] 

South Kent School Roster (Black):
#1 Robert Taylor 
#5 Greg Davis 
#10 Zach Brown 
#11 Shane Rector 
#20 Kamall Richards [ Xavier University ] 
#21 Braiten Madrigal 
#24 AJ Edwards [ Yale University ]
#32 Reggie Agbeko 
#33 Quentin Weinerman 
#40 Dustin Perovic 
#55 Nolan Long


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