Sunday, December 30, 2012

La Jolla Prep (California) Vs Northfield Mount Hermon NMH (Massachusetts) - 2012 National Prep Showcase By NERR


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November 18th 2012 

2012 National Prep Showcase By New England Recruiting Report (NERR)

La Jolla Prep Vs Northfield Mount Hermon NMH

La Jolla Prep Roster (White):
#0 Nick Thorton 
#1 Jalen Young 
#3 Nikko Turner 
#4 Trent Anthony 
#5 Josh Mooney 
#6 Shaq Moore 
#7 Delon Allen 
#8 Jalen Ward 
#9 Kendall Danglade 
#12 Khamari Broom 
#13 Derek King 
#21 Gokul Natesan 
#23 Aaric Armstead 
#25 Parth Radia 
#30 Alex Olson 
#32 Ellis Bivens 
#42 Jacobo Montverde 

Northfield Mount Hermon NMH Roster (Red):
#1 Anthony Dallier [ Yale University ] 
#3 Michael Fleming [ Dartmouth College ] 
#5 Jashanti Allen 
#10 Daquon Allen 
#11 Josh Hearlihy
#12 Victor Udoji 
#14 Ian Sistare 
#20 Sam Donahue [ Boston College ] 
#21 Zena Edosomwan [ Harvard University ] DNP 
#25 Sem Kroon 
#30 Peter Miller [ Princeton University ] DNP 
#33 Skyler White 
#42 Josh Sharma 
#44 Collin McManus


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