Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brewster Academy (New Hampshire) Vs St John's Northwestern Military Academy (Wisconsin) - 2012 National Prep Showcase By NERR


November 18th 2012 

2012 National Prep Showcase By New England Recruiting Report (NERR)

Brewster Academy Vs St John's Northwestern Military Academy 

Brewster Academy Roster (White): 
#1 Kevin Zabo 
#2 Rudolfs Arnicans 
#3 Ron Patterson [ Syracuse University ]
#4 Zuri Pavlin 
#5 Chris McCullough [ Syracuse University ] 
#12 Martez Harrison 
#14 John Edwards [ UNH University of New Hamphsire ] 
#20 Sam Kiley
#21 Kyle Washington [ NC State North Carolina State University ]
#22 Elijah Macon [ WVU West Virginia University ] 
#23 Patrick Wallace 
#24 Robert Champion 
#25 Alex Hall 
#32 Jared Terrell

St John's Northwestern Military Academy Roster (Black):
#1 Marc Seylan 
#2 Jerron Wilbut
#3 Dean Danos 
#4 Conor Kelly
#5 Jevon Thomas [ Kansas State University ] 
#10 Jalal Abdul Azeez
#11 Austin Robinson 
#12 Emmanuel Joshua
#15 Sam Burt 
#22 Dominick Shephard
#30 Chandler Levingston Simon
#31 Mario Matasovic 
#32 Trevor Thompson [ Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Virginia Tech ]
#33 Parker Gibson 
#42 Ater Manyang


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