Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monroe College ( New York ) Vs Community College of Baltimore County CCBC Essex ( Maryland )


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November 3rd 2012 

Monroe College Vs Community College of Baltimore County Essex (CCBC)

Monroe College Roster (White):
#2 Isaiah Epps 
#3 Carlos De Jesus
#4 Michael Carson
#5 Maurice Ndour [ Ohio University ] 
#10 Devin Martin 
#11 Nehemias Morillo Lajara 
#12 Terrell Anderson
#13 Marcellas Anderson
#21 Jaelyn Johnson Coston
#23 Stephane Manga
#30 John Horowitz
#32 Levon Harper
#33 Michael Phillip
#34 AJ West

Community College of Baltimore County Essex (CCBC) Roster (Blue):
#3 Denzel Dulin 
#11 Timon Johnson 
#15 Jesse Barr 
#21 DeVaughn Garner 
#23 Arvin Jackson
#25 Shawn Bozier 
#30 Donte Pender 
#32 Dante Garner 
#33 Thomarcus Nix 
#44 Kendrick Morris 
#45 Emmanuel Mossengo 
#55 Rashad Lewis


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