Wednesday, October 3, 2012

UCLA's Fab Four Kyle Anderson AKA Slo Mo - The Fast Kind of Slow - St Anthony High School's Senior Year Highlights

Be it a TMZ photo of rocking a sombrero in the dorm or dominating on the hardwood courts in slow motion/matrix style, Kyle Anderson better known as Slo Mo, Vinny Chase, Teen Wolf, Suavemente, The Blasian Baller, will do it all. Pure force during his senior year at St Anthony High School orchestrating 65 wins in a row during his last two years. Now on to being part of an electrifying class for Ben Howland better known as The Fab Four with Shabazz Muhammad, Tony Parker (not the French dude), and Jordan Adams. Get your popcorn ready. Goggles on. Stereo blasting. This is the longest run time highlight compilation ever made. Take notes and try to emulate some of these moves. Very basic and very effective.  

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October 3rd 2012

Music by eldienneproductions and Free Hip Hop Beats ! ! ! 

Song number 1 - Hip Hop Beat Instrumental - Chapter 5

Song number 2 - Bow Down 

Song number 3 - King For A Day 

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