Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LeBron James' Little Bro, Spongebob Sampson AKA JaKarr Sampson of St John's Red Storm - Brewster Academy Highlights

St John's Red Storm's Spongebob Sampson AKA JaKarr Sampson is one talented leaper. He is the next great player out of Akron, Ohio since LeBron James. You know the guy who went straight to the league and won a ring last year? St John's missed him last year but he was doing damage at Brewster Academy in Wolf City. Collected some hardware under Coach Jason Smith's squad. Even the NEPSAC AAA player of the year award. Not an easy award to earn. Finally he is at St John's with Coach Steve Lavin and the rest of the squad. Watch him go to work with the ball. Finds the cup every time he is near close range like a boss. 

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