Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is Omar Calhoun of UConn Huskies The Next Kemba Walker 2.0? - Senior Year Highlights

One Calhoun leaves the building, another steps right in and fills the void. Omar Calhoun formerly from Christ The King High School in New York City is currently a freshmen at The University of Connecticut under new Head Coach Kevin Ollie. Let's see how coach and his mustache along with the rest of the huskies will do this year. This is Omar Calhoun's senior year along with a pro am game. Could he be the next New York City guard at UConn following Kemba Walker? Both played in the catholic school league. Both played for Gauchos. Both were top rated prospects. Both are Huskies. That's were the comparison ends. For now. Waiting for a step back ESPN highlight dagger and a National Championship would be a start.  

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