Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 NIKE IS8 Fall Classic | Mount Vernon High School Vs Christ The King High School


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September 29th 2012 

2012 NIKE IS8 Fall Classic 

Mount Vernon High School Vs Christ The King High School

Mount Vernon High School Roster (White):
#3 Jamal Lewis 
#4 Traquan Scales
#5 Jordan Gregory 
#10 Joshua Doughty
#11 Brandon Martin 
#12 Jalen David 
#13 Devonte Banner 
#14 Gary Johnson 
#15 Yhanni Bartley 
#20 Naseer Guest 
#21 Marquis Henry
#22 Jakeem Sturgis 

Christ The King Roster High School Roster (Blue):
#3 Isaiah Crosbert
#4 James Coleman 
#5 Maynard Grant
#10 Jon Severe
#11 Malik Harmon
#12 Travis Atson 
#13 Rawle Alkins 
#14 Justin Foreman 
#22 Adonis De La Rosa


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